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The Death of Elitist Leadership

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, July 10, 2012
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Bangalore: Blame the technological advances or social media facets of technology, but leadership is changing. Some says it’s the generation and the change in expectations of leaders that brought this change. While few believe this change has been brought due to failure of political and business leaders.

The elitist leadership is dying eventually. These leaders are expected not to survive in this new era. Though this new open leadership model has its challenges, the move away from elitist leadership is a positive development for our organizations and society. Look at some of the implications.

Leaders Can No Longer Assume They Are the Smartest People in the Room
A time comes when a leader feels he has put in his time and effort towards his leadership status, but the myth does not stay for long, as some young guy comes in who brings along a change in the entire organization. You should always keep with this fact in mind that there thousands in this world who are way far smarter than you. And if you don’t think that way, you as a leader could really be embarrassed.

Leaders Can No Longer Make Unquestioned Demands
There are few leaders who behave like generals in military as the make demands, place orders and never expect pushback. But there is no more that time exists where what leader says will be done. The decisions today taken up by leaders are scrutinized, questioned and evaluated. There is no leader today who is unquestioned.

Leaders Can No Longer Be Protected from Criticism
There are few leaders who are never willing to take the blame or criticisms. They always expect others to come forward in such situations and take the blame. The reign of leadership has come to extinction as the internet and technology revolution can criticize the leader anytime. If you want to avoid criticisms, you should avoid leadership roles at all times.

Leaders Can No Longer Be Cloaked in Secrecy and Privacy
Biographies of leaders in 60s and 70s are enjoyed the most when read. But the amazing part is that their discretions were never made public. They would not have lasted for months in todays public scrutiny. Elitist leadership allowed for carelessness, bad business decisions, and just bizarre behavior to be swept under the rug. Leaders are under the microscope every day.

It's Tough Leadership, But It's the Right Leadership
Though Elitist leadership is easier, it’s not good leadership. The truth is that no leaders in the years ahead will be able to function in that style. And though there are challenges and problems with the high level of scrutiny a leader must bear today, the trend is healthy. We are without a doubt moving toward more open and transparent leadership. We should rejoice, not grieve for the death of elitist leadership.

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