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Physics Teaching to Leaders: Keep it Simple!

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, July 9, 2012
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Bangalore: Great physicists have spend years filling black and white boards with non-ending and confusing formulas only to end-up finding one simple equation E=MC2 . This simple equation explains everything and lets us know that everything in this beautiful yet complicated universe - is simple.

This ‘Keep it Simple’ mantra is a major learning which leaders should learn for Physics. We humans are expert in complicating stuffs and to become a leader you should become a fan of simple, simple logic, simple goals, simple marketing and simple management.
The ‘Keep it Simple’ principle is known as Occam's Razor, on the 14th century Franciscan friar. This principle states that all things being equal, the simplest explanation is the right one, has implications in virtually every field of science, mention philosophy, aesthetics, marketing, economics, and off-course management too.

When we come up with simple solutions to complicated problem after focusing with that overly-active distracted mind, what we actually does is bringing order out of chaos. To do this its takes lots of energy and focus. The reasons begin that the physical world is always inclined towards chaos and a higher level of entropy.

So, what is entropy in business world? Ever wondered why everything became a mess all of a sudden when you seem to have things under control – that’s called entropy. The reason for entropy in business are the numerous factors like people, competitors, technology, markets, customer buying habits and so on which changes over time and affects company’s behavior and performance.

Entropy always wins and this is the main reason that great business empires get flawed in certain fictitious conditions. This proves that principle of physics can be related to real business and management world, it just depends on where all you want to get ideas to learn from, and what all you would like to implement as a leader.

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