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Why Great Relationships Make a Leader Great?

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, July 10, 2012
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Bangalore: One of the pains of dealing with a much larger company is that sinking feeling of being in a one sided relationship, and how replaceable and vulnerable the smaller company is.

A great leader makes great relationships that are mutually beneficial and mindful of the needs and aspirations of all parties involved, even with teams from within his own organization.

When large and influential companies do business with each other, an agreement favourable to both parties can easily be reached because of a ready willingness to compromise on both sides. Only a great leader hands that respect out to smaller partners as well and doesn't indulge in a grandiose show of strength to push for unreasonable terms.

During discussions, a great leader asks himself what he can yield in the relationship to get the partner to deliver more. One way to find that out is by being sensitive and receptive to the other’s goals.

Keeping an open ear and speaking with humility and a genuine earnestness to ensure all sides are better off with the deal than without will earn the leader respect and trust.

It takes time, both talking and listening. It takes conscientious examination of how each alternative can impact others. Most importantly, it takes empathy to build a trusting and rewarding business relationship.

A partner feeling resentful at being taken advantage of might not be the most flexible or concerned with the other's needs. Good relationships result in fruitful agreements for both sides.

Businessmen or union leaders on the other end of the table feel appreciated and the overall positive experience created will help smaller grievances slide.

Even if the deal does not go through, a leader should disclose criteria and parameters with employees or businessmen so they understand why decisions were made as they were and that their voices were heard and respected. This should set the stage for trust and a potentially workable future relationship.


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