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Five Secrets to Become a Great Leader

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, July 9, 2012
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Bangalore: Everyone wish to lead the crowd, but few step ahead. Leaders often gain attention of others with their personality, authority and the way they direct others. While managers are addressed to do things right, leaders are said to do the right thing. Though, most of the personality traits are known to inherit early in life, you can also build some skills which can be part of your personality.

Anubhav Kapoor of ‘’writes about the 5 great traits leaders should develop in them. Try these 5 tips to develop effective leadership skills.

1. Communicate and Clear it
Being mother of all other skills, communication skill is the necessary skill one leader should posses. Communication has led the world all through the walks, whether in innovation, technology, information whatever you name it... communication was behind the scene. Holding an extra-ordinary skill will never help you to become a leader unless you do not possess communication skill. Moreover, mistakes are part of life even for the leaders but the best part of a leader is he learns along the way. Giving and receiving feedback and being open to honest conversations are the part of building a good communication strategy with others.

2. Untie the Tag of Egoistic
It is not surprised to see most of the leaders hold self-confidence. They are said to be more pride people. But, possessing self-confidence and being proud can be great things if these qualities not blended with ego. Ego-centric personality in leaders often makes them more arrogant and bigheaded which people often hates. Egoistic attitude will not help a leader to understand things in a great extent. Leaders need to view things in others’ perspective also. Being a proud leader doesn’t mean you should ignore others. Gaining advices also never mean you lose respect from others.

3. Set an Example and Lead
As we know, it is not easy to lead a crowd. You probably wonder how to own authority and how to gain attention from others. It is advisable for you to lead your way by example. You must know how great leaders are heading ahead. And more importantly, you and your actions should be credible.  Setting an example of a great leader will help you to understand the strategies they had used in times of any challenge. And the challenges they had taken to prove them in front of others. If you closely watch all the leaders, you will see their presence in the team; they themselves were present to give more courage to their team when confronting a challenge occurred.

4. Offer Appreciation & Rewards
Appreciation and rewards are the best ways to get hold on your employees. When you address them for their well-doing in duties, it gives them more proud and motivation at work. It makes them feel they are doing something good. This is said to be the greatest psychological stimulus which can make a person to maintain hard work at work. Even the ‘thank you’ note can work wonders at workplace. High incentives can hold your employees for a long time indeed. If your employees have positive self-esteem, they are best to work with. And it is advisable for you to appreciate your employees so that they will be more positive about themselves and they can be great contributors of your organization either.

5. Fix them but Don’t Insult
People often have the temptation to ridicule others for their mistakes. Great leaders know the difference of ridiculing and correcting. To show off the superiority, people tend to ridicule others, but it is not the right way of dealing with others’ mistakes. To become a great leader, you need to invest your time and patience to create a healthy working environment in your organization. Insulting, and hurting one’s sentiments will negatively impact their performance also. So, you need to be diplomatic to handle other’s mistake.

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