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How Great Companies Breed Great Leaders

By SiliconIndia   |   Saturday, July 7, 2012
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Bangalore: Employees are the company’s greatest assets. It is a much agreed and universally accepted fact that a company’s success or failure all lays on the shoulders of its employees, neither the customers nor the product it develops. And what is even more lucid when it comes to building huge business empires is the fact that great leaders are the key to derive the most out of a company and hence lead it to great heights of success.

But, not every company is lucky enough or wealthy enough to hire great leaders like Steve Ballmer or Tim cook. Of course, not everyone can do that. But if looked closely, it is not the top companies who just hire the great leaders but they build and develop leaders within the enterprise. CBS News has compiled few policies implemented by the big companies to improve the quality of leaders in the organization.

Here is how top companies develop star leaders

Discover the talent
Big companies are usually started by individuals who are born leaders and great entrepreneurs all by themselves. But a company that plans to exist for centuries cannot rely on the proposition that the first leader would stay on to lead them forever. Hence at a very young stage of the enterprise, the leaders start hunting for future flag bearers and hone their skills so that they are ready to lead in the future.

Operational success
Discovering the talent does not suffice the process. Companies need to achieve operational success and commendable profit to encourage the real talent to stay in the company. It is also very important for the companies to keep boosting the employees with confidence and seed loyalty and trust for the company.

Inducing Competition
The enterprise must build a strong environment of competition and importantly healthy competition. The employees must believe that there are great opportunities in the organization and they must constantly work to build new and innovative products and services. Death of internal competition is almost the death of the enterprise as a whole.

Lead by example
The future leaders or aspiring executives always look up to the ones who are currently in high positions. Setting wrong examples for the youngsters can disturb the whole balance and can lead the organization into terrible loss. Hence, the leaders must be careful about not setting a wrong example or impression and always lead by inspiring and exemplifying.

Building the right work culture
The leader becomes the prototype of every employee in the organization. If the leader encourages improper behavior and unethical ways, the whole set of employees under him incur similar culture and hence resulting in an array of future leaders who can lead the company into some serious trouble. Hence to promote the right work culture is the right way to develop the right kind of leaders.



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