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Google's Unique Approach to Leadership Training

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, July 9, 2012   |    2 Comments
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Google, the search engine giant’s two year old program GoogleEDU is one of its kind in leadership training.  The learning and leadership development program offered by GoogleEDU aims to empower their managers with the cardinal training. This program offers classes for new managers and executives to help them adjust to the Google culture and manage Google’s staff in a professional manner.
In an effort to promote and make GoogleEDU more effectual, the company has given a face-lift on of its program based on data analytics and other important metrics.

Larry Page, CEO of Google is attempting to instill a sense of urgency and focus within the technology giant’s workforce and aiming to strategically position the company. With this intention Google has revamped the program based on data analytics and as a result of the data-centric approach to leadership development and education, the company decided to eliminate certain classes that were not were effective and were under-performers, instead they introduced new material as necessary.

Scott Lederer, a former Google employee, spoke about the leaders and how decisions are made within the search company. He Lederer “There’s a lot more persuasion involved because Googlers are really smart…They are not going to do something for you just because of your title. You really have to make your case.”

Whereas Karen May, Google’s VP of Leadership and Talent in an interview with The Wall Street highlighted that leadership roles do not always equate to employee buy-in.“One of the practicalities of a less hierarchical company is that you aren’t necessarily going to have the position of power to decree something or dictate something” he said.

Although Google did not speak out and declined to specify the exact impact GoogleEDU has on company morale and attrition, Ms. May said “We do see in our overall satisfaction scores that it does make a difference when we invest in people.”

In previous year, approximately one-third of Google’s 33,100 global employees participated and benefited from the GoogleEDU program.

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