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Great Workplace needs Trusted Leadership and Employee Communications

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, June 4, 2012
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Good Work culture is one of the key criteria for employee satisfaction. Not all of the "100 Best" companies offer unique benefits like free lunches, onsite healthcare etc. The most common misperception is that employees stick to a company or don’t like to change a company because of lucrative packages.

The single most important factor contributing to employee satisfaction is the internal quality of the work environment. This internal environment is determined by the Employees’ feelings towards their jobs, colleagues, and employers.

During the economic slowdown or recession, the company goes through a challenging time. The leader has to take many heart breaking decisions. Many companies do layoffs but some companies do only pay cuts or find some other means to deal with the crisis instead of firing. Employees become more loyal when they feel their company supported them at such worst times.

Nelson Mandela was regarded a great leader long before he became the President. How could he be become a leader during after spending long years in prison? Clearly, he had no position or power while in prison, yet he overturned apartheid. Mahatma Gandhi never occupied any political office and never had any material wealth or power of any kind, yet he succeeded in sending the British back home without firing a bullet. Both Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi have backed by numerous people, because people trusted them and their leadership.

We have seen companies like Tata, which is among those companies which does not provide the best benefits, yet employees are reluctant to leave the organization, even when they are offered a bigger compensation as well an employee is not ready to leave the company. This is only because of the trusted leadership that is built in the company.

Leaders should ensure transparent communication from the top.  Good communication builds trust and improves employee morale. The result is better productivity and increased profits.

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