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5 Required Skills for Up Coming Leaders

By SiliconIndia   |   Saturday, July 7, 2012
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Leader reliability is declining, diminishing and the faith deficit is up. This is due to economic catastrophe and great recession. Studies have long -established that people are now coming up with a different mindset and their vision is changed for their leaders and their work. It’s been proved that the designation and authority are not the driving force any more.  As per Great Leadership, guest post by Nan S. Russell”
Post-recession place of work anchorages a complete new reality for leaders. At a time when discretionary efforts and intellectual property are essential to drive and, those who are able to earn natural and enthusiastic followers will deliver the best results.

Leaders should have the intellectual capability and discretionary efforts to drive novelty and organizational expansion and entice and earn normal and passionate supporters who are capable of delivering the best results. This is only possible if we work with the right actions, not the right titles (designations).

5 indispensable skills like reignite staff engagement, enhance influence, and build lasting results leads to successful contemporary leaders. These leaders require uncommon behaviors like:

1. Being trustworthy in job role:
Trustworthiness is the very one quality employees want in their leaders.  Now day it’s hard to distinguish between real photographs to that of computer wizardry. Employees’ belief in infomercials than their leaders’. Hence, we can declare trust is the novel place of work currency.
But trust worthiness in job role requires more than behavioral honesty, the relationship of words and actions. It also requires trust for performance, relationship and self-trust.

2. Thinking Independently
Bandwagon “solutions” for the ills troubling organizations or employees are often gobbled up by leaders and reinforced by trade and business publications featuring successful examples of the “new” thinking or approach as said by Nan S. Russell. Yet complex problems plaguing most groups and businesses don’t have bandwagon solutions. Winning leaders are not group followers. These leaders have cultivated an energetic personal practice of inquisitiveness, alternative viewpoints, expanded sources, and challenging assumptions.

3. Dependable political application
Getting things done the “right way” is what it means to apply dependable politics at work. “Right” in this situation implies integrity, operating with principles, morals and ethics and an optimistic use of authority others can count on. For all these there is a necessity of proper understanding of healthy conflict and the power of stories, plus a consistent application of c’s: collaborate, cooperate, consider, and contribute. All at the end means building up a healthy relationship.

4. Everyday transformation followed
It’s always good to go after and follow somebody who is aware of day to day changes and also uses new tools to move him/her self forward and others too.  Transformation requires courage, intelligence and it in turns bring growth to the organization. Even for a small change you need to choose and keep on discovering yourself. Transition follows change and allowing it to happen requires essential skill.

5.  Knowing yourself
Leadership grows from within.  To be a successful leader self motivation, self-awareness, control and understanding power on one’s thought and action is important. It’s also important to know how these qualities impact others. Too many pre-recession leaders have focused only on outer-work. That’s the knowledge, skill, information, or know-how. Contemporary leaders are focused on the outer as well as inner skills to increase self- awareness. Great leaders are enthusiastic and are always filled with great and new ideas.
While basic productivity and job presence can be bought, contemporary leaders with uncommon behaviors, anchored in these 5 essential skills, will be the ones igniting staff engagement, fueling innovative products and services, enhancing customer impressions, and rebuilding a thriving economy, regardless of their titles.


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