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3 Acts That Defines a Great Leader

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, July 9, 2012   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: Leadership is a performance of certain set of behavior.  No one is born as a leader, and that means if we incorporate few sets of skill into our lifestyle then everyone can be a leader.  Those who develop these skills become great leader who can bring.  If we take the example of great leaders in different fields like Mahathma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs, all these great persons have some few characters in common which brought people together and motivated them as a team to achieve a common goal. Leadership is made-up of three building blocks which we call as the 3 As of Leadership. Now let’s know more about these 3 As. 

First Just “Study”

To get a better understanding of any situation it is very important to analysis it. The leader needs to have a thorough understanding of the situation and for that he needs to study it and come up with a hypothesis which he later has to prove or disprove. There are many ways for a person to analysis a situation; research, and reading up on related materials, talking to the people closest to the situation.
Sometimes leaders don't spend enough time analyzing and sometimes they spend too much time on it. Both under-analyzing and over-analyzing have their drawbacks. So it’s very important for a leader to work on the right questions to find out the cause of the problem and then he can set about solving it.

Secondly “Decide”

The logical second step to analyzing is allocating. Here the leader needs to have a shrewd mind that would help him make decisions and allocate resources in such a way that he gets the best possible results. He must keep in mind that resources are limited and they have to use to generate maximum results. If a person is a poor allocator then he makes an erratic leader. A person who is a good allocator is known as “decisive” or “great prioritizes”. After allocating they should be able to take tough decisions and stand up for the decisions they have taken.
Once the steps of analyzing and allocating have been done it is natural to proceed to the next step of aligning the resources in hand to achieve the results.

Then “Influence”

We live in a society where nothing gets done if you act alone. Man has to work in groups to achieve anything. Once the goals and targets are identified a good leader will aligns all the resources towards attaining the goals. Great leaders do not get after their work force; instead they inspire them to work towards the objective. With aligning what leaders actually does is to keep the people’s sights focused on the bigger picture and persuading them to work towards it.

A great leader is persuasive and inclusive, not divisive. It’s not about the impressive speeches; it is about making all the members in the team function as one or for the greater good of the company.

Now it’s clear we aren’t born leaders. We all have it in us to become a Steve Jobs, a Bill Gates, a Ratan Tata, all we need to do is imbibe these 3 As of Leadership and we are well on our way to become the next outstanding leader this world has seen.


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