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Bangalore: In a recent article by Forbes, it is mentioned that in a company with no manager everybody can lead. However, it is noted that in small groups, it is not the manager who is the leader... more>>
Bangalore: Leadership is a performance of certain set of behavior.  No one is born as a leader, and that means if we incorporate few sets of skill into our lifestyle then everyone can be a ... more>>
Bangalore: Great physicists have spend years filling black and white boards with non-ending and confusing formulas only to end-up finding one simple equation E=MC2 . This simple equation explain... more>>
A great personality once said, “A leader is a dealer in hope.” This great personality is probably one of the greatest leaders history has ever witnessed. He is Napoleon Bonaparte. Hi... more>>
Charles Erwin Wilson once famously quoted, “A good boss makes his men realize they have more ability than they think they have so that they consistently do better work than they thought th... more>>
Bangalore: Employees are the company’s greatest assets. It is a much agreed and universally accepted fact that a company’s success or failure all lays on the shoulders of its employe... more>>
Leader reliability is declining, diminishing and the faith deficit is up. This is due to economic catastrophe and great recession. Studies have long -established that people ... more>>
“If leadership doesn’t scale neither will your organization,” says Mike Myatt Contributor, for Forbes. A leader’s greatest contribution to its organiz... more>>
Character Based Leadership is the conscious choice to be an Ambassador – To place the greater good, the purpose of the organization and the needs of others above your o... more>>
Inspiring trust is critical. People are not willing to recognize someone as their leader unless they trust them, not just intellectually, but ethically and morally as well. Likewise, people won't follow someone unless they're convinced that the p... more>>
Good Work culture is one of the key criteria for employee satisfaction. Not all of the "100 Best" companies offer unique benefits like free lunches, onsite healthcare etc. The most com... more>>
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