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Creating Paradigm Shifts in Consulting

Goldratt Consulting is a fast growing premium consulting company operating from across several continents. Ever since Dr.  Goldratt found Goldratt Consulting in 2003, Goldratt Consulting has been successfully associated with several companies such as Mazda, Omron   Healthcare, Sony, and Yamaha, to enable these companies to become  'Ever flourishing'. Goldratt Consulting is headquartered in Israel with competent TOC expert teams spread  across Japan, India, USA, South Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Goldratt Consulting has deep roots in India & has been operating in Indian soil over the last   10 years implementing holistic  Theory of Contraints (TOC) strategies where the different TOC   applications in Production, Supply Chain & Distribution, Project Management and Retail are     implemented as part of its clientele growth strategy. Utilizing its global presence and expertise   coupled with deep Indian Industry knowledge,  Goldratt Consulting has been involved in elevating the performance of leading companies such as Tata Steel, Godrej group of  companies, Titan Industries, Dr.  Reddy’s Laboratories, Larsen and Toubro, Infiniti Retail,  Aditya Birla group companies etc. to name a few.

Late Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt was the founder and originat or of Theory  of Constraints. Theory of Constraints is a philosophy, principle, and tactic designed to help organizations manage   systems better. Its whole purpose is to help managers identify the one most important factor that limits the success of their entire business system - the system constraint -  and break it,  or, if that is not possible, to maximize business success by managing that system constraint well. THE GOAL is his best-selling novel and ranked as one of he top 25 “MOST INFLUENTIAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT BOOKS” in    the world by TIME magazine.

I smile and start to count on my fingers, “One people are good. Two, every conflict can be removed. Three, every situation, no matter how complex it initially looks, is exceedingly simple. Four, every situation can be substantially improved.; even the sky is not the limit. Five, every person can reach a full life. Six, there is always a win-win solution. Shall I continue to count?
- Dr. Goldratt, The Choice

Prabhakar Mahadevan, Director, Goldratt Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. has been pioneering in bringing TOC to India since 1998.

What makes Goldratt Consulting different from other Consulting companies?

We have created few paradigm shifts in consulting. To quote a few,
•    We  not only do an effective analysis of client’s reality & design robust solutions (proven time tested & not a discovery for each  client) but also partner with our clients to implement the  solution, our core strength is in getting the solution implemented.
•    TOC approach challenges all conventionally accepted assumptions. Our approach is unbiased to the industry accepted  practices.
•    We constantly challenge time to results; we have a knowledge management system that assimilates learning's from different projects & adapt them to new generation projects.
•    We enable clients to lead the project implementation; thereby the TOC knowledge resides internal to the company & does not rest with us.

Prudent steps recommend to the top management of a company during challenging times

Our advice is to always to go back to fundamentals. Company's should constantly look on themselves from the shoes of their customer, ascertain the significant limitations that customers (and in general the market) are suffering from. Any solution that eliminates limitation renders value to customers. Top management should focus their attention to constantly remove such limitations and gain the edge in the market.

Benefits our clients enjoy

We frequently experience that unwanted inventories being significantly reduced, manufacturing   lead times shrinking, capacity getting exposed, availability in the supply channels going up to 95%+,  project cycle times are reduced,  overall sales and profitability significantly rising in  relatively short periods.

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