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AUM Capital Market

AUM Capital Market

Imparting Financial Literacy To Help Understand Investment Better

Dinesh K Jain
MD, AUM Capital Market

Dinesh is a classic entrepreneur, a social activist, a writer, a poet and top of all, he is a family man. He has a list of degrees adorning his name, starting from MCom,
CA, CS, IFRS, CWA to LLB, CFP, MBA, DHR and now PHD (in Human Rights) in progress.

Biggest Challenge

The greatest challenge is to spread investor awareness and that’s only possible through financial literacy. AUM capital has always focused and insisted on keeping the clients abreast with financial know-how’s which means they should know where and why their money is  invested/hedged in this volatile market, to take an informed investment/fund raising decision.

Vision Behind Our Product/ Solution And Differentiating Themes

Coming to our vision, we have always focused on providing financial literacy, which makes us our customers' preferred financial advisors. Great responsibility calls for greater accountability and we never take our customers trust for granted. For us managing wealth and managing
trust go hand in hand.

Our Customers

We offer services in almost all the financial segments. Our range of products and services are aligned with the financial objectives of any HNI investors, big corporates and institutions. Hence, by visiting only once, we cater to all the financial needs to create a diversified portfolio.

Customer Value Proposition

Our financial advisors are trained and well equipped to handle products that we offer.
We provide relevant and clear product information in a timely manner, which helps our clients make informed financial decisions.

"The greatest challenge in this market is to spread investor awareness"

Benefiting The Customers

Our services have made our clients financially educated, and have helped them have better understanding of their investments and earn good returns in this volatile market scenario.

Competitive Landscape

As we continue to build a stronger relationship with our clients, we fully recognize that the support and continued trust that our customers place in us is the foundation of our success. The financial literacy we impart to our clients gives them freedom of choice.