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Changing Games For Stock Market Performance

Abdul G Sait
CEO & Customer Care Executive

Biggest challenge

The biggest pain point to all finance heads and CEOs are cash flow issues. Business is there, margins are there but cash flow is the real culprit. Most of the companies in the world collapse/close down due to cash flow not profitability. Finance heads are majorly concerned with raising funds to address their cash flow needs.


Basket Option is a conglomerate , which deals in 4 verticals: Financial Services, Real Estate, Parallel Education and Health Care. Our uniqueness lies in our structure and model, our company is run by 30 entrepreneurs and 5 intrapreneurs. The focus has always been on bring products that can address financial pain points faced by investors (small or big). The approach has always been to challenge the status quo in service levels and ensure we deliver at a rapid phase.


Corporations, Institutions and working professionals are our major customers for various areas of operations like Wealth management, Real estate, Risk management needs , Stock market education.

Customer Value Proposition

We work via dierent channels: We are spreading financial literacy through the stock market institute, addressing insurance claims through claims express, addressing student education loan through loan basket, we save individual  productive time through kiosks called street smart.

Solution benefiting customers
Two recent examples of our delivery model are:

E-CAP (Expert in Capital market Applied Practices) - The most desired course in financial industry
Most of the clients lose money in stock market and wealth management because the professional who manages his/her portfolio has only an MBA degree and understands absolutely nothing about the financial world. Thereby we launched E-CAP, a one year full time capital market course, where he learns portfolio management hands on, thereby protecting customers wealth. And we are satisfied as we are providing the required skilled force to the industry.

• Claims Express

Insurance industry collects more than 70,000 crore in premium every year and 15,000 crore in health . The claims are also to the tune of similar lines. Having said that the common man who has a policy of 2 to 3 lakh, suers during claims as he doesn't understand legal versions and documentation and nor he has the time to follow with the insurance claims. Least is holding on long calls with customer care executives.
Our claims express service ensures that the customer don't even have to call once. We follow the procedures, do the documentation,  regular follow ups with customers and ensure claims cheque is delivered within the stipulated TAT. Claims Express is our biggest winner in winning
customer confidence.

Competitive landscape

We are winning customers’ confidence because of speed of service delivery and fulfilling whatever is promised to the customers. We hand hold and deliver as per client requirement. Most of the time customer is annoyed because there is wide gap between requirement as he perceives it and what he really wants during the service provided. We bridge this gap right from day one as we are able to see exactly what he wants and by ensuring we deliver what we promise and often more than that.