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Alankit Assignments Limited

Alankit Assignments Limited

Redefining Services In Health & Wealth Segment

Alok Kumar Agarwal
Chairman & Managing Director, Alankit Group of Companies

Alok Agarwal, F.C.A., has been associated with the capital markets  since 1995 and commodities exchange since 2002. With diversified  experience spanning  over 30 years, he has led Alankit Group from a single financial company into a multi-unit business house offering varied services under e- governance, financial, healthcare and insurance domain.

Biggest Challenges

In today's complex business environment, moving ahead with a well defined vision and anticipating the changes is a challenge for finance leaders. Lack of awareness of financial products and  their actual  benefits to people also stand as a challenge.

With a well defined vision to expand our PAN  India   network,   we   are  trying  to address  these challenges and helping our clients to recognize and meet their investment goals.

Organization’s Vision On Products, Solutions And Differentiating Themes

The vision of the group is to be a unique service  provider  in  the  sectors  it  serves. Our group offers to our clients an integrated portfolio of varied services covering both Health and Wealth segments. The group vision also provides guidance to preserve core values it believes  in,  which include high respect to individual clients, dedication to offer high quality and perfect reliability and commitment to the community, as a whole, with focus on actual welfare of  humanity.


Having a bouquet of services helps us dedicatedly serve customers from the different walks of life. We cater to all kinds of customer profiles ranging from traders, investors to  doctors, in addition to various business corporates and common public at large. As we have constantly been meeting the needs and demands of our international clients, our increased global  presence in the market is felt significantly.

Customer Value Proposition

Customers of Alankit derive benefits from various  products  and  services like Financial Services, e- Governance,  Health care    and    Insurance,  offered  all  at one place.  We  guide  our  customers to understand advantages and benefits of a product and help them take right decision that suits their requirement. We provide a rewarding experience to our consumers ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

"We  guide  our customers to understand advantages and benefits of a product and help them take right decision that suits their requirement"

Solutions Benefiting Customers

Alankit is empanelled with UIDAI for Aadhaar enrollment of Indian  residents throughout the nation including Union Territories of India  and Alankit  has enrolled more than 1.45 crore Indian citizens under the Aadhaar Scheme so far,  assuring them access to all benefits and services  offered by Union & State Govts.

Alankit Life Care Ltd. provides an online platform, where users can  easily  store  their  health  records  and details of their illness online   and access it anytime, anywhere. The site also offers other services like emergency access cards, consultation, appointment booking, lab tests, health articles and tools at discount.

Competitive Landscape

Alankit  has  got  an  edge  over  its competitors    in    terms    of    its extensive client   base,  PAN  India  network  and  a varied range   of   products   and   services offered under one umbrella. With its customer-  centric  approach  and  extension of new line of business, Alankit has made its indelible mark in providing e Governance, Finance, Healthcare and Insurance services.