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Deepak Maheshwari
CEO, De Wise Advise Private Limited

Deepak is a qualified Chartered Accountant, having more than a decade experience in the Investment Banking Industry. Having started De Wise Advise Private Limited (DWA) in 2005
in Corporate Finance Advisory, he now has a team of 10 associates who have a combined manpower experience in the Banking Industry of more than 60 years.

Biggest Challenge

Challenges keep changing every year. Currently in 2013, most of the Finance Leaders of Companies are grappling with the challenge of taking the right decision amidst highly volatile currency, uncertain interest rate regime and uncertain business environment.

Many Chief Financial Officers  have a dilemma of whether to hedge their foreign currency exposure or not, whether to go in for project expansion or delay it further, whether to raise funds through debt or equity and the right terms of raising the same.

We have experts from the Banking and Equity Industry. We study every company and its industry. We update Companies about the finance market scenario, different finance solutions which we can offer and present them with the one which best suits them in a timely manner. We advise and syndicate debt/private equity as per the need and structure of the company. We have advised companies in restructuring their debt, thereby assisting them in their cash flow management.


Every growth oriented company is our prospective customer. Today, a CFO or promoter of a company is tied up in so many matters, that to spare time and effort for raising funds is a big challenge. And finance is an important decision which either makes or breaks the company. It needs a dedicated expert advice to ensure finance is tied up.

Customer Value Proposition

We call ourselves an extended finance arm of a CFO of a company. We try to understand the short term and long term finance needs of a company, and try to get the same syndicated at right terms in the right time. Our team is with the company from the point of idea till the point of execution, further beyond in documentation and post disbursement review.

We have assisted an SME company in taking over another SME company through leverage buyout. In another instance, a reputed IT company having operations in U.S. and UK, due to economic slowdown, was finding itself difficult to service its debt. It was advised by us on how to get out of the situation and is now doing well. In another instance, we have assisted a reputed media house in raising short term funds at a time when investors and bankers were shying away from it. Apart from the above, we have assisted many companies in getting their short term and long term finance syndicated through us and they continue to avail our services. We have clientele from Hospitality, Real Estate, Power, Steel, Engineering, Agro, Media, Printing & Paper and other industries.

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