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Offering Cutting Edge Services In Consulting And Risk-Management

Anil Bhandari
Sr. partner, ANB Global

Anil leads the Risk Management vertical for the firm and is a thought leader in areas such as Business Processes, Information Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Compliances. He also works with various regulatory bodies on subjects pertaining to risk management and compliances.

The Biggest Challenge

Finance Leaders today live in a far more complex environment compared to their predecessors. The commercial world, besides being most competitive in the last two decades, is now for the
fittest, especially during the most trying economic times.

While the conventional challenges of managing cash flows continue and are even more important during these times, there are new sets of challenges, which are now burning issues such as, information/data overload, increasing technology interfaces in light of fast changing variables and setting risk appetite without compromising the growth potential.

Vision Of The Organization

While our primary service lines are assurance and business advisory, we have strong domain knowledge across various industries such as banking, telecommunication, IT/ITES and
manufacturing. Our business advisory practice is strong on operations management for large corporates and facilitates in removal of bottlenecks, while we work on strategy consulting for SMEs to take them to the next level.

At ANB we say, "We are a motley crew of inspired innovators, technologists, business designers and project managers who work with our clients to produce tangible results in their businesses. But we believe we are also original thinkers and entrepreneurs who create new opportunities in partnership with our client"

Our Customers

We at ANB, serve clients across multiple industries and customer segments. And we believe that by being partners, we can add value to clients at various levels of their evolution.

Customer Value Proposition

We still come across customers who know the pain points but not the real issue. For example, little do people know that the ideal technology that suits them is yet to be invented and what they
already have can be improved with very little efforts, giving them lead time instead of re-inventing the wheel.  We identify the real gaps and work on such opportunities.

Benefiting The Customers

Our methodology of working at Level 3 (L3) has helped us facilitate successful projects in customer satisfaction, revenue maximization, cost optimization and even technology insights to
some of the leading organizations in the country.

We have developed several IPs, not only in business processes, but also in technology tools, which integrate with our methodology to help deliver better results in consulting, risk management and technology.

We work at all levels and are grounded to the fact that simple processes make more business sense.

"We are a motley crew of inspired innovators,technologists, business designers and project managers"

Competitive Landscape

We are simply grounded in our approach and our L3 methodology works better than some of our competitors. Our experience of working for large corporates helps us take our clients in the
mid-tier segment to the next level. Our technology savvy team, combined with excellent domain knowledge, are well positioned to offer cutting edge services in consulting and risk management.

We are now one of the fastest growing advisory firms in the country with independent charge to partners/directors for managing specific practice verticals.