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Sudeesh Yezhuvath

Sudeesh Yezhuvath

Director ,Subex

Keys to effective Leadership

Being able to spot and nurture talent, being able to actdecisively and being able to spot opportunities as they come up.

Thoughts on consistent leadership performance

Consistent performance can be achieved if there is aconstant watch on the parameters mentioned above. The only way to achieve it isto keep a close monitoring on how one is doing on these parameters and engagingin constructive, self-critical analysis. 

Unique way to motivate
Achievement and success motivate me. My style of motivatingmy team is through getting them to appreciate and get excited about the possibilitiesand they would then do what is needed.

Evolution of your leadership role

I have become more of a facilitator and ensuring that theright environment exists for achieving success. In essence, I am more hands-offthan I was before.

Being a leader: Ensure to take Right Decisions

There is no sure shot way to do this and I do not thinkmistakes are essentially bad as they provide great learning opportunities. Oneapproach is to have proper lead indicators in place, which warn you when youmove in the wrong direction. 

Role model 

My boss and CEO, Subash Menon, because of his emendousability to spot opportunities and stay focused. 

Valuable work lesson

Be focused and do your best, results will happen. 



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