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Suresh K Goswami

Suresh K Goswami


Keys to effective Leadership

With optimum clarity, thorough knowledge ofthe goals, objectives, investors and his team combined with his clearunderstanding of Human resources as being his only and main essential key assetswould make him an effective leader.

Thoughts on consistent leadership performance
A continued strong character, integrity, strength to deliver underpressure, providing sufficient motivation to his team and being completelyselfless will yield a consistent  performance. You can only achieveit if you are a born leader……unfortunately leadership cannot be taught. Eitheryou are born a leader or not at all.

 Unique way to motivate
Any challenge provides me a new motivation. Myway of motivating trooper is to have faith in each worker and delegate morethan his responsibility as well as the power to execute.

Evolution of your leadership role

Venturing into unfamiliar projects and newchallenges with complete confidence brought about this evolution. Ability ofPeople management creating and developing effective teams added to the same.

Being a leader: Ensure to take Right Decisions

Let us be very clear….Mistakes can never be isolated from life be it personal or be it professional.Mistakes are bound to happen and the only way to manage mistakes professionalby a true leader is to acknowledge the ownership of such mistakes and neverlook for a scapegoat. On the contrary a leader should always credit his teamwith successes and take the responsibility of mistakes and that’s how you willconnect the right dots such situations.

Role model
Dr. Dharam Teja. In early seventieswhen his shipping company, “Jayanti Shipping” was taken away from himand handed over to The Shipping Corporation of India. Most of his crewand officers resigned and later on upon his personal request, they continued BUTwith a condition that they will always be posted on ex Jayanti ships.Such was the loyalty and bonding he had with his tour……which made him unfailinga TRUE LEADER.

 Valuable work lesson

The most important andvaluable assets of any organization are “Human Resource”.

I left my core specialty  two years backand then made a feature film ,”ZIYARAT” all by myself ….as a one manarmy with no battle experience, wrote the script, produced, directed and didthe cinematography , with mostly new crew and new actors, shot the film in 8days only. The film became an internationally acclaimed and awarded film.

Future forecast

My next project, ”BurningSapphires” a commercial and issue based feature film going to Oscars

Macroeconomic variable

The financial behaviorof real life entrepreneurs, capitalists and politicians under differentcircumstances

One good way to foster innovation

Minimize OPTIONS.

Means toachieve success during adversity

Celebrate each adversary andmanage every success with humility

If  get a chance to go back and change something

Nothing different, Ibelieve that my life has given me much more than my share and if I have achance to go back in life I would just repeat what I did.

Thoughts on leadership and management

A good management isjust like a beautiful environment within which the people, the work, theprocess, the success and the stability evolve to better and better, providing conducive support to each element and letting the selfevolution thrive. A manager who can recognize and implement such an environmentis truly a BORN LEADER

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