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Santosh Dwiwedi

Santosh Dwiwedi

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Keys to Effective Leadership
Personally I would say effective leadership is firstly about zeroing on a definitive goal for the organization, finding ones own weaknesses and strengths that would either help or hinder progress towards that goal and then going on to find people who can help bridge the gaps.

Thoughts on Consistent Leadership Performance
Consistent leadership in my opinion is to be judged more on the basis of ones ability to deal with troughs more than anything else. My own idea to achieve that is to measure my own performance in guiding the team when we are going through a lull.

Unique Way to Motivate
Cannot pinpoint that, but I guess if I were to make a wild guess, it would be my ability to connect with people and remind themselves rather accurately what would help and what will not in case of a crisis. I would love to think that I am good identifying what works for individuals in my team.

Evolution of Your Leadership Role
This one is slightly easy to offer, I think I have learned to control my urges and channelize my energy better. Not much else has changed.

Being a Leader: Ensure to take Right Decisions
By not running away from the mistakes committed in the past and by being open to risks because that in turn means I am willing to face consequences, which in my opinion is more important than anything else. Be aware of both positive as well as negative upshots of a particular decision.

Role Model
If I were to pick one, it has to be Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA). It was an organization comprising people like Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad and numerous other well known young freedom fighters. Reason is simple which I have highlighted already while answering the previous question. They were aware of the consequences of their actions and they were more than ready for it.

Valuable Work Lesson

One cannot do everything on ones own, but one should always remember that only person you should rely on without any reservations is oneself.

My current company Anomaly Solutions, which even though still a small firm has led me to believe that if adhered to stubbornly any setup can be made to work if it has a definitive goal and target in mind.

Future forecast
I want it growing more as a lab rather than as a corporate setup. Our aim is to take it to a stage which at some level strikes a balance between the work people want to do and the work that pays as well.

Macroeconomic variable
None I can easily point out, so Iwould better skip this question even if at the peril of sounding illiterate or naive.

One Good Way to Foster Innovation
Take care of people's fear of failure.

Means to Achieve Success during Adversity
I do not think I have reached the stage to boast about it.

Change something in the Past
Would have loved not to have given up on a couple of idea I took up in the past.

Thoughts on Leadership and Management
None comes to mind right now.

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