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Ritesh Parekh

Ritesh Parekh

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Keys to Effective Leadership
•    Clarity of the objectives at all times (Customer, employee and organization)
•    Clarity of company ethics
•    Empowerment at various levels
•    Taking decisions at right times even thought it might be a bit wrong.

Thoughts on Consistent Leadership Performance
Consistent leadership performance is possible if there is -
1.    Non conflicting objectives
2.    Environment that empowers and motivates people to own up higher responsibilities and accountabilities
3.    Management willing to experiment at various levels
4.    Focus on identifying and building next leaders

Unique Way to Motivate
Opportunities motivate me and the bigger the opportunity the greater the motivation. Key mantras for motivating the troops are -
1.    Align/relate their individual/career goals to the opportunity
2.    Empower and transfer the ownerships
3.    Regularly appreciate good work

Evolution of Your Leadership Role
At early stages it was very clearly linked to my own work. But over the years it was very clear that if the team succeeds you succeed else you fail. So it started like this -
Individual brilliance-Team Player-Leader-Mentor-Leadership creator.

Being a Leader: Ensure to take Right Decisions
•    Reconcile at various instances whether you are aligned to the objectives.
•    Retrospect specially at times of peace whether this is what I or we intended to achieve?

Role Model

•    My Father - He lost his mother at 1.5 years and Father in VI division. From there to do his own business with limited support and awareness and fulfilling all the roles to the fullest till date.
•    Sachin Tendulkar - Personally would have loved to see him winning more matches for India single handedly (Over expectation). However to be considered as best batsman for 22 years, playing against 3 generations, advancements of competitor analysis yet being the best. Learn how to deal success and be grounded always (At lease in public)

Valuable Work Lesson
Till the time you don’t fail you would not succeed. If you succeed only you are entitled for a big failure.


Have been able to accomplish a dream for ensuring I send my parents to see the world outside India with my money. All happened when I took entrepreneurship

Future forecast
Next couple of years we see ourselves growing in the field of services and solutions developed by us by 100%.

Macroeconomic variable
One Good Way to Foster Innovation
Have a flat organization and inject intelligent freshers in the projects/work who have many questions. I do it personally and feel at times why I did not have these questions earlier. One can innovate only if there are questions around else human mind tend to take a simpler approach of how it was done earlier just understand that and stop.
Means to Achieve Success during Adversity
For achieving success you need to be very much aligned with the business needs and objectives of the solution. Till that time it is just implementing a requirement state by person X which can be wrong. The attitude is very important some people call it high risk we see it as high opportunity.

Change something in the Past

In my initial days of my career used to be only technical centric and had very limited interactions cross functions. If I get an opportunity would like to change that as there were lots of opportunities I missed in understanding and connecting up with great people who are at top of their careers today.

Thoughts on Leadership and Management
For successful leadership you need to understand people immediately below you or at par with you personally to some extent to ensure true potential to be utilized. There are many things but we can take it later if required.

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