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Rajiv Negandhi

Rajiv Negandhi

Secretary ,JSW
, Mumbai

Keys to effective Leadership

Effective Leadership is having a vision and defining a mission. Also communicating organization’s objectives and goals at all levels of management and motivating, mentoring and guiding the team to achieve the said goals. Individual Leadership is not only reflected on sub-ordinates but also with peers, other stakeholders, vendors, clients all believing in you to lead the organization successfully – since their growth also depends on growth of the organization you are leading.

Thoughts on consistent leadership performance

Consistent leadership performance means taking the organization to the next level of growth consistently by defining strategies in line with changing business environment to achieve company’s objectives on a consistent basis. The leader has to lead from the front and take tough decisions and take risks to realize the vision of the organization.

Unique way to motivate

I get motivated by a sense of satisfaction for making directcontribution to the organization to take it forward to the growth path and delivering adesired level of output monitoring on a daily basis. Since I have already thought ofthe tasks to be done to achieve long term objective - I set a deadline for myselfwhich is measurable and deliverable in a time frame ranging from say an hour tofew days depending on the task to be done. It motivates me as soon as that getscompleted. I keep my troops motivated by appreciating and acknowledging theirefforts, even if it’s a small achievement eg. Achieving production targets,collections, Sales targets or developing an MIS Report, which will very useful for monitoring and controlling operational performance? I give guidance and strategic direction tothe team for time to time and reward the employees who are performing outstanding at the time of their annual appraisals.

Evolution of your leadership role

I had started my career at middle management and since worked in service and manufacturing industries including MNCs at different levels. I have 3years of international exposure, where in my capacity as Head Finance, was also responsible to oversee entire international business operations and had played key leadership role in mentoring the local talent to bring in efficiency and growth.It also involved dealing with different cultural groups and function heads of Production, Sales, Maintenance, HR etc. In my current role as CFO, I had started working on a Greenfield project and was instrumental in negotiating Joint Venture with UK Company. Since then in last 3.5 years, we are now an operating company with 400+ employees and about Rs. 150 Cr-ores turnover in first full year of operations. There have been several challenges that demanded taking key decisions to take the business forward. It has not always been taking right decisions, but once a decision is taken, I take ownership and am responsible for its outcome.

Being a leader: Ensure to take Right Decisions

I go by gut feeling and take decisions which I believe is right under the given circumstances. One has to take risks to get rewards. Being too conservative may result in loss of opportunities. I follow ethical business practices,no matter whatever the pressure might be. I am honest, transparent and straightforward in all dealings and business practices within the organization and with the external vendors and customers.


Role model

I get inspired by first generation entrepreneurs like N R NarayanaMurthy to set up globally respectable organization like Infosys. It requires great vision and leadership skills to set up such a great successful organization from scratch.

Valuable work lesson

To be successful needs dedication and consistent efforts. One has towork hard and prove one’s mettle to grow in a professional career.


To participate in setting up Greenfield organization and work as business partner to our Board and stakeholders in my current role as CFO. This gives me immense satisfaction and sense of achievement that today after 3.5 years; we are an operating company and have established our market presence with 400+employees and about Rs. 150 Crores turnover in first year of operations.

Future forecast

I see myself playing a Key Role in enhancing the capacities, bring inefficiencies and increase its market share to make my Company a market leader in our industry and be the first choice by any developer in India as a preferred construction contractor. We would like to grow to Rs. 1000+ Crores plus organization in next 3years.

Macroeconomic variable

Indian GDP Growth particularly infrastructure and real estate,Inflation and RBI monetary policies: All these have significant impact on any organization.

One good way to foster innovation

Visualize what is required by the client/market/industry - example tofollow is Steve Jobs - become passionate about bringing that change - research anddevelopment - set timelines and come in the market with that innovationsuccessfully. Be dynamic and change according to market expectations and customer preferences.

Means to achieve success during adversity

Keep on reviewing periodically - qualitative and quantitative measurements - and than finding opportunities within the adversities -definitely having knowledge and understanding really makes you see what others cannot.

Ifget a chance to go back and change something

I would really have changed my own reactions to certain situations which later on I realized that I should have behaved differently at certain points of my life.

Thoughts on leadership and management

Many books and literature is available on leadership and management -but being proactive, being attentive - being alert thats all is required to lead and manage -which really matters. All things said and done - right action at the right time at the right place infront of right persons that’s all makes you an effective leader.

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