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Mahindra Special Services Group (MSSG)

Mahindra Special Services Group (MSSG)

Challenging Conventional Thinking To Prevent Cyber Crimes

Dinesh Pillai
CEO, Mahindra Special Services Group

Dinesh is a recognized global thought leader. As CEO of Mahindra Special Services Group, he has led the company in creating a global footprint with successful execution of projects in over 200 organizations.

Biggest Challenge Being Addressed

Cybercrime today is a well-orchestrated multi-million-dollar business, executed by global operators who have access to better resources in terms of man and machine than any company. Attacks are executed with such precision that most companies are taken by surprise.

Organizations need to realize criminals today use every potential opportunity at their disposal, right from implanting an employee, studying the entire process to identify gaps, assessing documents, social engineering, etc, to get what they want. When a new employee joins an organization, he is given logical and physical access. How many companies monitor what he is doing with this access? How do we know he is not facilitating cybercrime?

The other vulnerability is the gaps in process. Companies usually focus on getting and maintaining ISO 27001 or PCI DSS compliance certification. These standards normally focus on detected manifestation of breach in IT systems, ignoring root causes. Certification is necessary, but not sufficient. CFOs must think like criminals to solve the issues that could have huge impact on the brand. CFOs need to realize that these evolving risks could become challenging if right measures are not taken at an appropriate time.

Vision Of The Organization And Differentiating Themes

Most of the organizations are mandated to get their systems and processes audited regularly. When an audit is announced within a particular organization employees dress up as much as possible. Mahindra SSG’s USP is discovery assessment in which the team does an sting  operation with only one of the CXOs in the loop. This approach gives customers access to real on-ground problems which could not be highlighted in a typical audit.

"Our approach is customer centric what’s good for customers is good for our business"

Customer Value Proposition

Our approach is customer centric- what’s good for customers is good for our business. Most of our competitors believe in audit based approach, we believe in outcome based approach.  Mahindra Group's core purpose is to challenge conventional thinking and innovatively use all resources to drive positive change in the lives of our stakeholders.

The Competitive Landscape

Mahindra Special Services Group (MSSG), a strategic business unit under $15.4bn Mahindra group, is a leading Corporate Security Risk Consulting firm that helps organizations de-risks their business and in enhancing competitive advantage. MSSG protects information assets and minimizes losses due to an enterprise’s deviations from good governance. With a core team  comprising ex-forces officers and domain experts with decades of experience in corporate  security, MSSG’s risk mitigation advisories have enabled over 200 major corporate clients secure their people, assets, information and reputation. The company’s distinctiveness lies in  its ‘People-Centric’ approach; endorsed by clients across scores of implementations. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, the company has presence in major cities and the capability to operate out of several global locations.

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