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Aashna Cloudtech Private Limited

Aashna Cloudtech Private Limited

Stabilizing Accounting Practices And Local Compliances Through Integrated Cloud Solutions

Biswas Nair
Managing Director, Aashna Cloudtech Private Limited

Biswas, an Electronics Engineer from Nagpur University holds an MBA from Pune University. He has rich experience working with leading technology research and consulting firms like EDS Technologies, Gartner Inc and Forrester Research Inc. Passionate about introducing path breaking & innovative technology solution for Indian enterprises, Biswas founded Aashna Cloudtech.

The Biggest Challenge

CFOs are more concerned with state of the domestic economy instead of the global slowdown. Most of the CFOs are also grappling with the global compliances as M&A activities have been the way to grow into international territories.
Some of the key challenges which we are trying to solve are:
•  Meet local and global tax requirements.
•  Manage multi-cur rency consolidation.
•  Reduce er rors and manual effort.
•  Improve visibilit y into f inancial operations.

Solution Benefiting Our Customers

Last year we had a public listed soft ware company who has presence in 14 different count ries with each country having its own accounting and compliance system. All revenues and expenses needed to be consolidated as India has the holding company. Aashna int roduced NetSuite One world to them and replaced 14 accounting systems to one integrated NetSuite
system r unning across 14 count ries. We have helped standardize accounting practices as well as local compliance in each of these countries.

Vision Of The Organization

Aashna Cloudtech is a Cloud Aggregator consulting company. We, through our NetSuite solution (the world’s #1 financial management system, as per Gar t ner,) assist the CFOs to automate finance depar tment, especially the back end through ERP, financials and global consolidations across subsidiaries. Our biggest differentiation is that we are a cloud focused company and have assisted more than 250+customers in last 10 years.


Our clients cut across various ver ticals – dist ribution, ser vices, retail, software, manufacturing, financial ser vices, energy, media and E-commerce. Any customer looking at one integrated enterprise application to r un their business on a pay per use model aka Cloud would be our best customer.

"Any customer looking at one integrated enterprise application to run their business on a pay per use model would be our best customer"

Customer Value Proposition

Aashna Cloudtech provides enter prises an integrated cloud solution for all business departments. The key benef its we offer are:
•  Real-time business intelligence that's personalized for ever y
• Accelerates business processes, from order management to procurement
• Integrated suite eliminates manual processes and reduces errors
• 360° view of customers across sales, marketing, ser vice and finance
• Reduces IT costs by 50pc+, while delivering automated upgrades
• Easy to access from anywhere with just a web browser or mobile device.

Competitive Landscape

The statistics and market growth clearly shows that customers are choosing cloud over the old st yle on-premise soft ware installed in a ser ver and r un on various versions. The budgets
are under pressure and CFO want more buck for their investment and surely, cloud solution offers the pay per use model which helps the cash f low. With more than 50+ Cloud consultants, 250 projects and 10 years of experience we believe we have un-parallel offerings for the customers.