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Ravi Mantha

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Keys to effective Leadership

First, firm conviction, Vision, Communication the vision and mission, confidence in self and the team, Taking accountability and ownership, serving as an example, Constant motivation not supervision and leading from the front and without any title.

Thoughts on consistent leadership performance

The LEADER SHPOULD BE A FIRST AND LAST CHANGE AGENT, He should drive and motivate his people, he should be a role model, he must show others how to win with integrity and how to deal in ambiguity and win each time. And persistently and consistently drive performance through trust and recognition.

Unique way to motivate

My work motivates me, bigger and cross border M&A deals of 400 million US $ motivates, my approach is very unique.  My way is very different than others, I truly believe in trusting others fully and their abilities and communicating that with them each and every time. I feel each employee or individual is unique in his/her own way, a true leader has to tap the untapped potential in them/ find out what are the triggers, then excite them to work , like what Google, Johnson&Johnson  does today.

Evolution of your leadership role

Actually , it is a big question, I have to take a half day session or 1 hr for that ( smile) I have developed very drastically as a person and evolved as a professional till now what I am today. I have to write a whole page or 2 pages for that, it takes lot of my time. But I can tell you/others in person in detail.

Being a leader: Ensure to take Right Decisions

Well. Any Leader is a human being first than a boss, leader or CEO…etc. Connecting the right dots needs a thorough understanding of people and the organization / goal…the leader has to take the people and organization in that right direction ensuring that there are no pit falls, even if there are pitfalls, he should teach his people to rise up each time they fall and instill "never give up" attitude.

Role model

There are many,  but Swami Vivekananda and Mother Teresa always inspire me Vivekananda set the world on fire in parliament of religions, made the west to look at India as a Cradle/epi centre of civilization and Vedanta philosophy – a Truest Patriot , secondly Mother Teresa for her unquenching and unrelentless service to humanity – poorest of the poor to lepers to anyone she served the quality of service –  hats to her……(tears start rolling when I talk about them) They  both, Swami Vivekananda, Mother Teresa were  gods who took human form to give better life for us ( next generation) we also should do our bit in carrying that legacy to our next generation.

Valuable work lesson

Always Boss is Always and Always right…..


Not one but many,  one being ,I was an CEO/entrepreneur when I was 25 Years , I visited 6 countries on my own for business within 2 years after I started my enterprise.

Future forecast

We will be closing bigger deals and I see my company having at least another 3 offices in India.

One good way to foster innovation

First you should have an innovative mind set and crusader of innovation then  to constantly encourage and recognize the talent, place high value proposition to Innovation and communicating the same to  every employee. Create an atmosphere of Innovation and create an ECO System, what typically HP , Google or AT&T does.

Means to achieve success during adversity

That is the true quality of a true leader, Leader must have 2 things, He should deal in ambiguity and adversity with panic, stay calm and assure his team that things would be fine. When a problem erupts always there is an opportunity, Leader should teach his team/company to look at opportunity side rather than getting annoyed/worried. And Success should be a journey not a destination…I can give you many examples...

If get a chance to go back and change something

I would not have visited UK /Singapore when there was 9/11, I was in right place, but in wrong time….I wish to change that.

Thoughts on leadership and management

I also teach in more than 30 MBA colleges and professionals with 8 to 10 years’ experience also come for  my advice,  Now I advise CEO/MD’s. If I were th share my thought on the two topics it would take a day to talk….but in short…Leader is a person and Leadership is a style ( we have autocratic, dictatorship…etc)

A Leader is one who can inspire to aspire. A company can be made or broken with Leadership. The worst / bankruptcy company can be bought into profits with great leadership ( Ex: Lee Iacocca, who save Chrysler from bankruptcy)  Biggest corporation like Lehman brothers / Enron  can also collapse  because of bad leadership. 

Apart from having a Vision, Mission, Integrity a Leader must have …..Confidence, Conviction, Courage, Character, Compassion, Credibility and Comradeship…. And Management is all about Managing his abilities to the fullest and also using the leader’s spirit and making it as a Leadership Spirit /Team spirit and Motivational Spirit and Organizational Spirit – which should also result in Corporate Social Responsibility, where in his people will be successful, Organization can be successful and finial Country can Successful.

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