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Check Out How Everyone Can Lead Without Managers at Organizations

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, July 9, 2012
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Bangalore: In a recent article by Forbes, it is mentioned that in a company with no manager everybody can lead. However, it is noted that in small groups, it is not the manager who is the leader but it is the subordinate with certain skill sets and talents, who is responsible to direct the group in a definite direction.  According to Daniel F. Predpall, leaders must let strategies, vision, values and goal, be the guide-post for action and behavior, before attempting to manage others. Reports, David K. Williams Lifelong entrepreneur, CEO of Fishbowl and writer for HBR and Forbes. Some of the facts of this article are also taken by Additional reporting provided by Mary Michelle Scott, Fishbowl President.

D. Predpall, suggests that when a natural leader becomes prominent in a group including a manager, a clash between the two may arise if both of them have different point of views. A manager feels that his authority is being questioned if the group looks towards someone else for leadership.
D. Predpall further questions to the readers that, What if an organization simply hands over’s with traditional managers? What if every employee had the opportunity and potential to lead?

Based on this, the author highlights an example from his inventory control software company named Fishbowl, where he is the CEO, in which one of the newest trainers on the team, Chad, is an individual who discovered a new way to do some of their trainings more efficiently by rendering on-site training with one of the company’s clients. The second case he highlights of the person named Carson, who was quite new to the company and was the first person to work out how to use Fishbowl Inventory most efficiently on an iPad. Instantly, she became a specialist at loading and integrating the software onto the mobile screen and getting it to work for consumers across the world.

He says that how does an organization with no managers actually work? For this he says in short, the company relies on two of the seven non negotiable, that is trust and commitment to give power to every member of the company. Moreover, the organization encourages individuals at every level to liberally expand the organization within themselves they refer to as “Me, Inc.” That is the organization with no restrictions that every person can lead.

According to the author, David K. Williams this kind of an outstanding result can happen for any organization that actually tries this approach.  

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