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A Champion is a combo of Trust and Thought Leadership

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, June 4, 2012
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Inspiring trust is critical. People are not willing to recognize someone as their leader unless they trust them, not just intellectually, but ethically and morally as well. Likewise, people won't follow someone unless they're convinced that the person who leads them knows where they are going.

Trust-Centered Leadership is an approach to leading and developing organizations that puts trust-building at the forefront of the leadership agenda.

Those who practice Trust-Centered Leadership measure every decision, every action, and every initiative against the goal of maximizing trust in themselves as leaders and the depth of trust within the organization. Trust-Centered Leadership does not replace other styles of leadership. Instead, it works alongside existing leadership styles to intensify your credibility, leverage, and impact as a leader.

Trust-Centered Leadership counters fear and anxiety by creating a high-trust culture where people feel safe, hopeful, and energized. In this atmosphere of trust everyone is free to contribute fully, offering innovative solutions, acting with initiative, taking appropriate risks, and voicing personal viewpoints openly. Countless studies have confirmed that workers are more productive and that managers make more creative decisions in high-trust environments

Thought leadership needs a champion or preferably champions. So a vital step is to identify a thought leadership champion, who could be the brand manager, a line manager, the CEO, the CIO, the CFO, the marketing manager, an academic or an expert within the company. Without a champion, even the best thought leadership ideas will fail. It is vital that the champion has authority, power and gravitas within the company and that his or her point of view will be nurtured and supported.

Thought leaders do not maintain silence and they do not wait for others. This is all the more reason to have a thought leader champion, someone who can own and drive the cause. They are the ones who ignite imaginations, explode myths and illuminate the paths to the future for others to follow.

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