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Perfect Leader
What is the shape of the perfect leader and does he or she exist?
Asked by Lvanish Pandey | Feb 16 2019 | Report this Report abuse
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A perfect leader must make sure of a few things, like:

* A vision of the future (answers the question, “where are we going?”).
* The ability to encourage followers to jump into that experience (work through the many changes that are required to achieve that vision).
* A love of self-improvement for themselves and their followers. This love makes them good coaches and mentors.
* Empowering their followers to get things done (delegates).
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There are no perfect leaders, that is why good leaders are always trying to improve themselves through self-study, training, education, mentorship, making mistakes and then learning from them, etc. Since there are no perfect leaders, it is hard to build a good leadership model, which is why there are hundreds of them.
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