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Faults in a Leader
What's the worst fault a leader can have?
Asked by Roopali Bajpai | Jan 13 2019 | Report this Report abuse
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The first one is pride, that the leader thinks that they know the answer and therefore they then are endowed with the responsibility, the right to act without regard for others. Certainly that is something I struggle with.

Another fault of a leader is probably failing to listen. I think they're tied---pride and not listening are tied together.

But leaders, by definition you have followers, and if a leader is not working on behalf of his followers and not listening to their concerns and needs, then arguably he is not even a leader at all.
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A failure to see the benefits of diversity. This creates like-people throughout the organizations and leads to one-way thinking. If a leader does not have a diverse team, then he/she cannot come up with the creative brainstorming solutions to stay competitive. Also, he/she alienate his /her customers and consumers who can be quite diverse.
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