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Satinder Satsangi

Satinder Satsangi

CEO, Sondiva Technologies
Sondiva Technologies
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Awards and Recognitions
Starting on the early note in 1994,since my first IBM machine there has been no looking back,IT had been more of a passion then profession, I love to work with machines and have gone through nearly all phases of Software development, planning, executing, debugging, testing...all. Over the years on successful implementation gave us a lot of satisfaction and urge to perform more better. Needless to say Satisfied Clients are your regular patrons. The best of me and my team came when we had to take up a challenging task of reorganise a project gone haywire.... It was 25 days of day and night development and testing.... Since everything was online and LIVE, it made us more alert and gave us no room for any flaw. We did it, although our backoffice team was the best and it was a asset to have people working with you day and night, shoulder to shoulder....End of the month we were surprised to see a commendation letter coming through for our team... That was our best..
Managing personal and professional life
It is easy to boss people, but when you win hearts they will always work with you anytime anywhere, i made my point simple to my colleagues i would first set an example of a person who will not make you work but will work with you as a regular colleague, crack joke, would love to fool around, a sense of friendship bonding still makes my work and projects being completed within time periods..without any tensions..since all are working with fresh minds and no pressure since they believe in collective efforts to achieve their goals
Leadership qualities
Simply, Lead by example , you have to be a worker first then you can be manager, leader... a sense of trust is build when your colleagues or subordinates don't see you as boss but a leader... then your goal can be accomplished
Tech Management matters more on
Research and Development in Lean Periods and acommplishing the deadlines much before the time, so debugging the whole project before the launches...
Family background
Brought up in middle class family who would always think job is better then being an entrepreneur was a real bottleneck... joining of a job of your choice make a lot of difference... I broke through the regular stereotype mindset and went ahead with my dreams althogh i also took in consideration that i earn well so to gain my family trust in what i was doing... i did my best and results were far better than satisfactory. My belief was If you have no goal, then you are out of play..dreaming is another thing and getting your dream is other..
Influenced by
There has to be someone in your life which influence you , my mother used to believe in me, then my teachers believed in me, my instructors would introduce me to new challenges and would give me appreciation and applaud me in front of others which always boosted me for next challenge.. The trust and appreciation are one of the best medicines and can work wonder..
Ensuring Growth
Retaining a good team, scouting for new fresh talents, putting time for research and development, updating technical information , meeting tech people to understand the market....
Excellence in Management
Personally , i never thought my self as manager, but more of entrepreneur, this made me understand the overall working of my company , it's goal, it's vision, ethics... i found my company needed a marketing guy...i filled that position myself and after a hard work of few months orders started pouring i work withh my team as developer, tester and whatever they need i fill that position...although its fun also but lead me working more than my capacity...
Current Job description
As earlier i have pointed out that i don't consider myself as boss but would metamorphose in all the position as required this really gives out some best results. Kings can't win the war if they don't fight with their army.. Leader stay in front , Bosses always stand behind their teams.. simple
Important career decisions
It will be always updating skill sets and learning a new technology every two years and also working on the different skill set which are different from what i am doing...and amalgamating them as new career frontier for many
Team Management
All for One , One for All team environment , they really takeup good since incase one is absent , other members would teamup to make that work complete, so there is no delay (even i don't come to know that there would have been a i am happy they way things move in here.
My advice
Never ever think you are the boss, because it's All about people management, their dreams, their hard work....collective dreams they share with your company...if you grow... let them grow...appreciate them, applaud them... It's about having good cheers everytime they see your face..
Handling Grievances
need to check that it is really a valid one, would make them comfortable in raising an issue if it is really there so that no work get hindered, pre planning , resolving issues amicably... personally and collectively..
My views on India Technical development
we are mere end-users of other products, our school and college education result in making managers only not entrepreneurs , innovators, whatever talent we have is bought by some other country, moreover even govt. is lacking in retaining the talent, not giving infrastructure, financial support and too much of taxes are really killing out the joy of doing good business... Big corporates taking over new startups...seems big fish eating small fish... If we want to be world leaders, we need to stand united..
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