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Ramesh Kumar's Experience
Ramesh Kumar's Education
My Company
Lambda Microwaves started in year 1998 with supply of microwave components for Defence and Telecom .We  developed components for  mobile towers  and operations  and  enjoyed  leadership
Connecting the right dots as a leader
We acquired Arialcom France  for R & D support , started a battery production plant and developed Generators based on CNG Fuels  and many more  .Unfortunately  our decisions were  not good  as we did not  do worst scenario analysis for each new project . We spent  hard earned money  on new projects .Meanwhile the Telecom boom crashed  with cancellation of 2G/3 G  licenses ,along with that we developed  shortage of funds  due to many projects in hand.Our Bank loans were used to full capacity . The cancellation of  2G/ 3 G  telecom  service  made us  to suffer huge inventory loss and  we have reached state of bankruptcy . Now we are trying to resurface thru diversion into new fields  using outsourcing model. 
My way of motivating troops
We  were leader in Telecom accessories business and we started searching for high tech products

Past mistakes – We had poor HR. We hired high cost Heads

(operations, Finance, Production )But  they failed to  deliver .

Our New Motives ;Hire only needy ,low salary  managers who have high aims in life .  
Way to start from scratch again
i) Collective team decision , no impulse decision by a single director.

ii) Due diligence of New projects , new employees / heads  

iii) Worst case analysis of projects

iv) E SOPs for  senior employees and business heads (less salary and more  incentive on results )
Most critical decision
Saw the downfall  and  closed Arialcom , France R & D unit  which was drain on resources.
Advice for fellow entrepreneurs
Never take decisions on self impulse  , take collective team decisions .
My key thoughts
Yog sadhans which is practice of pranayam + Shatkarmas (body clening ) + asanas + meditation  and strict observance of society ethics (yam and niyams )  makes your body  and mind both healthy  and wise, a must for  entrepreneurs .
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