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N S Vijayakumar's Experience
Company Profile
Vintech Management Consultants (VMC) is a New Generation Management Consultancy Firm working with HO at Thiruvananthapuram, established in 2000 with operations all over Kerala. We have been registered as a Small Scale Service & Business Enterprise (SSSBE) with Reg.No. 32/14/31442, Govt of Kerala. We are an association of experts from Management- Marketing, Technical, Project Management & Implementation, Finance, Human Resources, Educational, Systems and Service Sectors and have tie up with Universities, Brand Management Consultants and Professional Institutions.
Our Mission is "Better Solutions". We undertake any business process/management which is ready to outsource for better gain by the business firms/establishments.
Prepare Project reports, undertake Project Management & Implementation, offer better marketing and financial solutions. Help firms for Revival, Expansion and Modernisation and  for getting financial assistance, technical support and human resources. Undertake studies and surveys. Conduct training and management development program . Arrange Live projects for reputed companies using MBA students and give proper guidance. Our Clients are Large, Medium & Small Scale Industries, IT Companies, Service Organizations Establishments and Firms, Automobile, Cellular, Investment, Business Associates etc.
My Role
I am working as the CEO coordinating all the consultancy activities of the VMC. I used to delegate clear cut responsibility to the consultants working with me in the task. I use to oversee their activities whether they meet their commitments in time as per the requirements and the specifications of our clients. Remind them of the fact that our customer is the King.
My way of motivating troops
I used to avoid internal meetings as far as possible. If necessary conduct video conferencing to avoid time and their spirit. I used to give my appreciations well to boost their morale and performance of my co workers. If one of our consultants is doing well, I used to visit his work spot personally to congratulate him and give all support to continue his effort. Will collect the  information regarding the progress of the projects through our Chief Project Coordinator.
Way to start from scratch again
If I want to rebuild my company from the scratches:   A new company will be formed and my aim will be to concentrate mainly on the Start Up Companies. Giving  Project Reports, Helping them on Project Management & Implementation and Debt Financing. Now new companies want proper directions to take shape from scratches. Equity & Working capital is the main problem faced by all new venture partners. They have Ideas, Concept and Vision and what are lacking are proper guidance from experience. We are taking this challenge to help them to take shape of their Vision, Ideas and Concepts.  I will reorganize my consultancy efforts for stream lining the new ventures to take proper shape, meeting their wishes and aspirations of these highly educated youngsters and un employed youths.
Now a great percentage of  new batch students coming from IITs, MBA’s from IIMs and top Institutes are   interested in starting new ventures meeting their ideas, concepts and aspirations to become free from the normal clutches of Bureaucracy, red tape’s  and corruptions. We are planning to develop a new company concentrating mainly on these new Start Ups Ventures.

Most critical decision
We have been working as a Consultancy Firm  for the last 12 years till 2011, giving mainly proper support for the Firms and Organisations to rebuild.  But we have not involved in the actual process of Construction & Implementation of these ideas. But in the Year 2012 we have taken a critical decision to involve in the actual construction process. My experience in doing Project Reports for MBA students especially for IT Professionals working in the Technopark, the Best Greenest  IT Park of the Kerala and in India have helped me to take such a critical venture. I have guided them for doing MBA Projects dealing with the highest Attrition rate in the IT field, Retention, Mental Tension, lack of sleepiness and problems faced in their family life, Job satisfaction etc. I also have firsthand knowledge and experience from my own family atmosphere as my two daughters and sons-in-law are working in the IT field.
My turning point was, I have read a survey report in the Economic Times about a Survey conducted by the Harward University among 5000 IT professionals working in the Silicon Valley, USA. They find that “People have New Ideas when they feel Happier. A  better environment for higher output and Growth“. This Silicon Valley concept has attracted me and I have submitted an IT Infrastructure Project Proposal of Rs 600 crore to M/s Technopark where about 450 IT Companies and about 45000 IT professionals are working. They are in the development stage to attain about 2 lakh IT professionals and 800 to 1000 companies in the very near future. The aim of the project was to provide the amenities required for the IT Companies and IT Professionals working in Technopark. It is a Multiplexer to provide the Entertainment, Food, Accommodation, Club House,Playing facilities etc to create a better environment for the development of IT Industry in the God’s own Country Kerala. I have presented this proposal to M/s Technopark and they have approved it and allotted 9.74 acres of land on 90 years lease in the IIIrd Phase of Technopark.
 Now I start my venture for finding finance resource for this project. I presented this project in the major Investors Meet, “Emerging Kerala Meet 2012” in Sept 14-16, 2012 conducted by KSIDC & CII at the Convention Centre, Le Meridian, Cochin. Among the 16 interested investors interacted I have signed an MOU with the Global Investor & Developer  M/s Taurus Investment & Holdings LLC, Boston, USA. M/s Taurus Group has done similar 56 mega projects worldwide. Now we have modified the project and  agreed to jointly promoting this project based on Work –Live- Play Concept in the 19.74 acres for Rs 1050 crore FDI investment in M/s Technopark.  
The Project Components are:
one 5 Star Hotel, one 4 star Hotel, 5 lakh sq. ft Mall, big Convention Centre, Club House and Playing facilities, Extended stay, Technological office space of 20 lakh sq.ft etc.

Advice to young entrepreneurs
My advice to fellow entrepreneurs are:
  1. Always keep your aim at high level.
  2. Consider your colleagues as brilliant as you.
  3. Don’t hurt anybody’s feeling as far as possible and have consideration for the fellow beings.
  4. Keep the momentum running as speed as possible to attain results.
  5. Keep every task as important and  avoid criticizing as far as possible.
  6. Keep a cooperative spirit always and a feeling that nobody is master of all.

Key thoughts about Entrepreneurship
My advice to Enterpreneurs are :

Everybody will have ideas. But ideas will bear fruits only when you become an Entrepreneur. Try always to see your vision as reality.

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