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Erick B

CEO Temple Of Transgression Ltd
Temple Of Transgression
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Erick B's Experience
CEO, Founder/Lead Programmer
Temple Of Transgression, Athens, US
My role model
I wouldn't consider myself as a person who has a role model, but again, I look at others who are successful in some way, and try to achieve those same sets of skills, and learn from them. Even pinning down a single individual that I could say inspires me is rather difficult, because I don't draw inspiration from just a single individual.
Important decision
The most important decisions that I've made over the years are the ones where I learn from my mistakes and/or failures, and the strong desire not to repeat them. While educating oneself is of utmost importance, honestly, I believe that mistakes and failures serve as an invaluable learning experience because it shows undeniable proof that there is something that can, and has to be learned.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Having worked in many different fields, the most important qualities that I have seen successful leaders possess is the willingness and ability to listen to constructive criticism, the ability to adapt to an environment, and effectively manage time constraints, whether time is a pressing issue or not. The most important of these by far, is effective time management on all fronts, which allows overall workload and/or stress to be reduced or managed to a reasonable level. In turn, this allows the first two qualities in a leader to really come through, and ultimately become a benefit to everyone involved in a project.
My achievements
I try not to be proud of any of my achievements, but rather, always find ways to yield a better, or more efficient result, as there is almost always room for improvement.
Couple of years from now
In the next few years, I'll still probably be working on the same, or similar projects that I'm currently working on, but on a much larger scale. Since the main projects that I work on with Temple Of Transgression are heavily rooted in data collection and analysis, I can easily foresee larger amounts of data being implemented on these, and other projects as well. At this current time of writing, and specifically with TT Live scan’s database, I usually collect and sort 500GB-1TB+ data per month, depending on what I'm looking for and what's currently available. In the next year or two, I would like to have the next version of TT Live scan’s database implemented. Conceptually, it will function as a robust virtual indexing system, and will offer a lot more than what the current system is capable of, but won't be limited to just one type of data structure. Right now, it works just fine when locally installed, but I'm fine tuning it, and eventually will be able to release a version that I'm satisfied will be easily implemented by any company or individual, if they so choose to implement it.
Brief description about me
My name is Erick Behymer, and I've founded, and am currently running Temple Of Transgression (, an information, security, and data analysis company for approximately the past 12 years. I have a lot of other personal projects outside of the scope of Temple Of Transgression, but mostly include writing, music, and sporadically produced artwork from time to time. I also read a lot of technical manuals and literature that covers a broad range of subjects.
Influenced by
There are many people who have influenced me in some way, shape, or form, but what I look for when it comes to influence is someone who exceeds a certain skill that I am interested in. I try to learn from them, and either persevere enough to obtain their level of skill or exceed it.
Ensuring success
I'm always learning or trying something new, even if it's a subject that I'm well versed in.
Initiative to develop a country
I believe the best thing that any individual can do is to learn as much as possible, strive for excellence, and do the best to ensure that what they are setting to achieve is in the best interest of everyone involved, and ultimately, to make a positive difference that will be remembered for generations to come.
Degree that I recommend
I have not personally obtained a degree, but it is important in many fields to have one. I was mostly self-taught, and have spent many years refining and adapting my skills and experiences to what they are today. In the era that we are currently in, I firmly believe that Mathematics and Computer Sciences are the most important degrees one can obtain. Of these two areas, it is important to push yourself further than you might think is achievable. However, the most relevant two qualities in these areas that will ultimately decide how far you can go are perseverance, and the desire to always learn something new, even if it might not be related to what you're doing.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
While I am not of Indian descent, nor have I traveled to India (although I would like to, eventually), when it comes to education, the most important gift that one can impart to a student is to value education itself, and understand that there is no shame in asking questions to something that is not fully understood. In the United States, I firmly believe that our educational system is on a downward spiral, and we're turning an entire generation of students into mindless drones that won't fully understand the value of education, whether learned or self-taught. As a direct result of inaction, our (U.S.) education system is full of increasing levels of incompetence, corruption, and apathy. All three of these hindrances, will always result in cataclysmic failure. In order to be successfully educated, equal value must be placed in educators, subject matter, competency, and free exchange of information.
My family background
I haven't really kept in touch with the paternal aspect of my family as much as I should, so I can't really elaborate on that without knowing if the information is accurate. The reason for this is because my parents divorced when I was much younger, and I haven't kept in close touch with that side of the family. The maternal side of my family is one that I know quite a bit about, and is quite diverse. My grandfather came from a family of eleven brothers and sisters, and have been to many places across the world. My grandfather was probably one of the smartest, and most diverse, adaptable people I've ever had the fortune of knowing. He had several degrees that spanned from theology, education, counseling, and psychology, and used all of his assets to an astonishing degree. He worked as a teacher/guidance counselor/statistician (for a school where he served for over 30 years), minister (United Methodist/Brethren), psychologist (and attended the Jungian psychology conferences in Zurich, Switzerland), to list only a few. My grandmother was an educator, specializing in physical and speech therapy, and my mother currently works for an attorney, and focuses a lot of her time and energy on major environmental issues involving industrial pollution and disposal of hazardous waste materials. Two of my immediate uncles currently hold degrees in chemical engineering, one of whom works for a major pharmeceutical company in the United States. My third immediate uncle is a philosophy professor and also serves as the bassist for a blues band where he lives. As for my great aunts and uncles, I haven't kept in close contact, due the distance between where we individually live, but their backgrounds are as equally diverse as the few I've just listed. When it comes to my upbringing, after my parents divorced, my mother and I lived with my grandparents until my mother could afford to live on her own. I grew up in a non-denominational Christian household, and thankfully, the views were not forced upon me. Unlike most households, open discussion of nearly any kind of topic was strongly encouraged, and if I found an interest in a particular subject, every effort was made to ensure that I was able to realize my full potential, if that was what I really desired. Needless to say, I've spent many years studying different subjects such as quantum mechanics, astrophysics, psychology, chemistry, mathematics, naturopathic medicine, mythology/religion/supernatural, music, computer science, mechanical engineering, history, and various pieces of non-fictional literature.
Important lesson learned
Persevere, persist, understand, and learn. These are the four most important factors that you can make when accomplishing a goal. Historically speaking, when one of these factors are neglected, a goal rarely comes to fruition.
My strongest skill
I have a rather broad array of skills and attributes (ranging from cooking to writing), but of these, I would say that my strongest ones are perseverance, time management, and always keeping an open mind to new ideas.
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