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Birendra Sasmal

Birendra Sasmal

Subah Infosolutions
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Birendra Sasmal's Experience
Subah Infosolutions, Mumbai, INDIA
Unit Head
CSC, Indore, INDIA
Product Mgr
Patni Computers System Ltd., Mumbai, INDIA
Birendra Sasmal's Education
Sathyabama Engineering College
Integrated PG
Company Profile
Subah Infosolutions was incorporated in the year 2009 but became directly associated with it from June 2012.  Subah is a leading IT and telecommunications solutions provider in Africa and a member of the Jospong Group, an African flagship group with annual turnover of around USD $5 billion.  Subah’s vision is to be a leading provider of ICT solutions and telecom services. Our major focus is on technologies that enhance business operations that can stand the test of time. We work smart to understand the challenges of our clients, and then combine our expertise with the collaboration of our major international partners to find the right solutions to adequately address the needs of our clients. We assist our clients through collaboration with world-class industry players to build the technology capabilities needed to address different business challenges.

Our mission is to use cutting edge and innovative customer-centered approaches to provide unparalleled quality ICT products and services to our clients. Based on this premise, we believe that our strength and service portfolio has the potential of catapulting the company’s operations into a world-class ICT hub as well as positioning it for rapid growth in the medium to long-term.


Today, economic growth is spurred by innovative and ICT/telecom solutions such as the following that Subah expertly offers:

Revenue Monitoring - We have developed and deployed a solution that ensures the monitoring and prevention of revenue loss in the collection for any kind of government taxes. Our solution currently monitors the collection of all kinds of Government revenues which includes the CST, VAT, NHL, Levy tax, Property Tax, regularity tax and many more. The solution has accelerated government revenue collection capabilities. Sim-Box Fraud Detection - We support mobile network operators with the Sim Box Fraud Detection System to track down and eliminate SIM Box fraud from the network in real-time. The system utilizes an SS7/C7 data feed to collect real-time usage data for each IMSI in the network. This data is used to quickly identify offending SIM Box fraudsters. SIM-Box Detection adds a new dimension to SIM Box prevention by enabling operators to take preventive actions immediately. It also allows the operator to instantly terminate and disable the offending SIMs. Security Network Integration Solutions - Subah under this initiative provides technical support the Telecom Network Security of Government, Aerospace and Defense by keeping teams connected and their communications secure. Rural Communication – A WorldGSM™ in-site configurations is being deployed to support rural voice connectivity thereby giving low cost coverage to rural areas by combining free-standing Rural Site base stations with rooftop-mounted Village Sites. Integrated Document Management Solution - A document management solution that enables organizations to optimize business efficiencies by electronically generating and storing any type of document. IT Managed Services: This service enables organizations to outsource day-to-day IT management responsibilities to Subah in order to focus on their core business. The provision of this service enables organizations to reduce overheads and improve efficiency with a wider breadth of IT expertise.  We’ll take care of your IT infrastructure, e-Commerce systems, hosting, and websites like it was our own; and you’ll be covered by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs).Company has incorporated in year 2009 but directly associated with the company since Jun 2012.
My way to connecting the right dots
We all make mistakes and there are some mistakes that leaders and managers make in particular.  These include, being too "hands-off," not delegating effectively, not providing accurate feedback and misunderstanding their own role.
It is often said that making mistakes can be a learning opportunity. But taking the time to learn how to recognize and avoid such mistakes can help a leader or manager become more productive, successful and highly respected by the work team.  I try to keep all of these points in mind and try to follow the tenets of a transparent organization.  There are many methods and approaches to make sure one is connecting the right dots. However I emphasize on communication and team work. In addition, I also work towards adhering to the following:

eam Alignment - Does everyone understand the organizations goals and objectives? Does everyone appreciate the essence of success? If not, then it is time to remedy the situation. Return of Investment (ROI) – Ensuring that managers/team leaders make prudent financial decisions in order to obtain value for money - so for instance, every manager or team leader would need to provide justification for the purchase of a new piece of equipment, for filling a vacancy, salary increase, staff training etc. etc. Similarly, staff are also expected to understand the real cost of mistakes or lapses in productivity as well as the potential positive impact of doing things the right way.
  • Putting Transparency Mechanisms into Action - People cannot pick up what their leaders want them to know by osmosis. They need to be communicated to clearly, succinctly and regularly. To this end, our company has put in place a number of systems to ensure that the value of transparency gets translated into action – one of such mechanisms is the balance score card framework we are implementing to ensure that everyone from top to bottom understands the objectives of the company and understands the level of performance expected of them.
  • Keeping Open the Channels of Communication - We do use our staff meetings held every fortnight as a platform to bring staff up to speed on organizational issues, communicate management decisions and to give them the opportunity to share any concerns they may have.  This we believe builds trust between the management team and staff and also keeps everyone connected to the big picture.

  • My way of motivating troops
    There are many motivational techniques being used by many leaders to motivate their teams. I have adopted a 4-step approach: Involving everyone in the decision making process and building a mechanism for everyone to present their views. Operating an open door policy so as to keep in touch with my team and discuss how they are progressing. Integrating the reward and performance management systems in order to recognize and reward outstanding individual and team performance for organizational growth. Ensuring that staff feel empowered with the technical know-how to take up real responsibilities.
    Way to start from scratch again
    The initial step would be to clearly define the business values, philosophies and beliefs right from the outset. Setting these out ensures that they become embedded in the culture of the company and in the behaviors of the people. Say it in 60 second : Always be ready to pitch about the business, State your mission, service and goals in a clear and concise manner. Fit the pitch to the person. Less is always more. No one will invest: If we need sums of capital to launch for venture, need to go back to the drawing board and Demonstrate business worth before seeking any investment. If the concept is successful, then the chances of raising capital from investors will dramatically improve. Walk on Action:  Impress with action not conversation. Endorse the business enthusiastically, yet tastefully. Avoid exaggerating truths and touting far reaching goals as certainties. In short, put up or shut up.
    Most critical decision
    The most critical business decision was to acquire an International Gateway Traffic Monitoring from a multinational company at a whopping cost of 12 million USD. The objectives of the acquisition were to build an additional capability on international gateway monitoring and also to provide additional services to existing customer/clients.Three critical risks in the acquisition were identified i.e. a) the uncertainty of the renewal of the contract with the Government the integration of two different work team, and c) ROI within estimated time period.  However immediately after the acquisition we have developed the unique strategies to address those risks.  Strategies are based on below three frameworks -

    Integrated Team: Developed and Implemented a framework which enabled to built a cohesive & Integrated team Relationship: Built a strong relationship with the customer which enabled us to know many other business opportunity Delivery Capabilities: Built an Integrated platform which accelerated the delivery Currently status,  based on provision of additional services and accelerated delivery capabilities, we are able to recovered our investment within the estimated period.
    Advice to young entrepreneurs
    Mostly all entrepreneurs are aware of the step forward  path however would like to share and remind them following key points Define and manage the organization based on solid processes and structures and not only on people. When the structures are strong, the work will naturally flow. Do not keep everything with you, if possible try to engage subject matter experts to support you and execute your ideas and plans through them. Every Idea is a unique till you execute it and get the desired results
    Key thoughts about Entrepreneurship
    A way forward for fellow Entrepreneurship:
    No two entrepreneurs share the exact same path although there are many. which I find myself referring to when planning the way forward.”.
    Path 1: Just Do It
    The first path to entrepreneurship is to “just do it” – get a group of people together, maybe fellow students who share your vision, pull together seed capital from friends, family, and build your vision. Path 2: Find your mentor or partnerAcknowledging that great businesses have come before you doesn’t make you any less smart or capable, and it doesn’t make your company any less successful. So don’t necessarily look at the established companies in your field as competition—instead, see them as your mentors! Learning what they’ve done well and what they wished they’d done differently can give you insight on what’s worked, plus help you avoid learning things the hard way. Don’t be shy here—pick a few of your role models, take them to lunch, and do a lot of listening.Path 3: Transferrable Learning It’s also important to get out of your own sandbox. It’s easy to be focused solely on your industry, but that really limits you from seeing the innovation and ingenuity that exists elsewhere. Smart entrepreneurship is all about transferrable learning. Think about other industries you find interesting and what they might teach you about your own business or customers. What about their tactics and techniques could be incorporated into your own shop? Pick five people you find fascinating in a wide variety of industries—and learn everything you can from them.Path 4: Un-vetted leads to findAs an entrepreneur, you’ll spend much of your time thinking about the things that you don’t know—business strategy, technical details, resources, rules, you name it. Of course, all of that info is out there somewhere, but it still requires lots of time sifting through un-vetted leads to find. Fortunately, some people pride themselves on being walking encyclopedias. Get to know them. Ask them questions often, and take them to coffee to pick their brain from time to time. (In return, be sure to share your resources and experiences, too.)
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