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Vishal Awal
Quite a few large organizations in the world are on the verge of a significant growth journey in ... more>>
I believe it was Peter Drucker who said that Entrepreneurship is a practice. Similar I believe Le... more>>
Krishna Sai
Doing the job and getting the best from the team is the activity that any leader performs.To quot... more>>
Intraprenuer is someone who innovates insides an organization and entrepreneurs are ones who end ... more>>
This is an era where globally, an enormous financial disruption is being felt. It is very decisiv... more>>
Kiran S Katti
Leadership – It is a skill of a person who leads his/her team to a desired goal. As such th... more>>
Manager vs Leader seems to be a perennial debate. It is not uncommon to read how people see these... more>>
Smita Mishra
Gen Y is the generation of “Smart & Efficient work” and I believe the smartness l... more>>
Core ingredient of a good leader – Common senseThere are enough and more articles, publicat... more>>
“I’m sure you can figure this out”, is something I often tell my employees.&nbs... more>>
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White papers
Considering the myriad challenges facing the world e... more>>
Organizations depend upon capable leadership to guid... more>>