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Stop, Think and Proceed

Venkat G
Venkat G
Founder, Serve Aces Technologies
Venkat G is a B.Tech from IIT Chennai 1984 Batch and is thefounder of Serve Aces Technologies(an ... more>>
Since writing this article was made mandatory I had to bring myself to do what most people would like to postpone and that is to THINK.  And to THINK about what is relevant to the moment (present) and not just a regurgitation of old thoughts, perspectives, strategies etc.

Let me expatiate a little on this thing called THINK for both leaders and followers. Honestly, most of us are more like automatons who believe that thinking and action do not mix. Well that’s true indeed. Yet no plan, no strategy is coming to fruition without those clever and spur of the moment(spontaneous) thinking and reacting breed of people called tacticians. So why not stock a company with brilliant tacticians and not just followers who tend to be as I said more like automatons going through the rush of things in motion.

Here is a parallel to what happens in real life – In a city like Mumbai when you stand at Churchgate station and ask the flowing crowd where they are going to in such a rush they don’t have a convincing  answer, whereas, in a smaller city like Bangalore we seem to have the luxury to know and plan our destination and enjoy the whole process(except the traffic jams!) with ample time, at least nonzero, to THINK.

When I see or hear of present top leadership (which has plenty of work to do) racing against either competition or time, it makes me label them as Mumbaikars who will finish their task well yet it will tend to be short term.  A better alternative would be encourage tacticians at the work place who when trained to be finishers will tend to be a little more long term in perspective.

In summary, no point having too many reviews on plans or strategies, instead let us inculcate a visionary approach(real visionaries are rare!) to work by giving ordinary workers also the long term perspective and discourage them from rushing headlong into any work.

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