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Kiran S Katti
Kiran S Katti
Director, Reach Automation Logistics
Kiran is the Director of Reach Automation Logistics, floated by him which is involved in trading ... more>>
Leadership – It is a skill of a person who leads his/her team to a desired goal. As such there have been a quite a good number of examples on leadership viz. “WALK THE TALK” , “SET AN EXAMPLE” , “ LEAD FROM THE FRONT” e.t.c. Also there have been many leaders namely Gandhiji, Dhirubai Amabani, J R D Tata, NRN, Hitler, Osama Bin Laden e.t.c. All of these have been successful in leading their team to the GOAL they desired, no matter what the cause was behind it!

As far as I am concerned a leader is the one who leads his / her team to the desired goal. But he / she also have to empathize his/her every team member during the course of realising the goal. The skill lies in how you hold the hand of every team member both professionally and personally. Not necessarily with monetary benefit but also with good wishes, moral support and also putting yourself into their shoes.

There is a saying that “Leaders are born” and Leadership skill is a born skill. But we also have seen “King Makers” in the form of Chanakya and Chandra Gupta Maurya. A good leader is also the one who gives an opportunity to his / her team member to replace him / her.

This has been my experience during my life – a small note to share with everyone who reads this …
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